Thanks for the ‘Jaws’ memories


To the Editor:

I would just like to thank Martha’s Vineyard for being the filming location in the 1975 classic film “Jaws.” I cannot tell you how many times I have watched that movie, and felt a sense of fear that only Steven Spielberg can provide. Yes, the shark was terrifying, but Martha’s Vineyard is now even more iconic. I love your beautiful area, and I can only say that if “Jaws” had been filmed in a busy port, or a different town, it would have been much different.

It must be very cool to have your area associated with such a film with an enduring legacy. Future generations will see your area as it was then, because it is now permanently captured. I have heard that the film captured actual tourists as they wandered your town and your beach. I would like to thank you again for being that historic place. You have certainly had an impact on many lives, and certainly mine.

Samuel Ludke
Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.