New business consulting company launched on Martha’s Vineyard


India Rose, the founder and former executive director of the Island nonprofit CEO Martha’s Vineyard, announced this week that she has launched Hustle and Thrive Co., a new Island-based business consulting firm.

“I am providing a solution to a small business problem,” Rose explained in a press release. “My experience working with many small business owners and startup entrepreneurs, both on and off the Island, is that they struggle to find creative and strategic ways to increase revenue streams year-round. Our focus is woman-centered, but we most definitely don’t exclude men.”  

Hustle and Thrive Co. also offers career, life, and relationship coaching, as well as educational workshops and networking socials. “I have partnered with Dawn Shelton Sayre,” Rose said, “a dynamic Island woman who specializes in life coaching. Dawn has an amazing and inspiring story of  her own. The way that she helps people tap into their own potential is pretty amazing.  I am thrilled to work beside her.”

Find additional information on Hustle and Thrive Co.’s website, or email them at