Connecting with Nature: A talk with Saskia Vanderhoop


On Saturday, Jan. 20, at 4pm, the West Tisbury library will host a talk with Saskia Vanderhoop, director of Sassafras Earth Education. According to a press release, Ms. Vanderhoop will discuss the importance of kids and families spending time outside in the “wild,” strategies for staying connected to the outdoors in winter, and the difference between nature connection and recreation. She will also cover the importance of designating a “sit spot”; what it can do for you, how you can do this at home, and how it can benefit children. Ms. Vanderhoop will provide information about birds, bird language, and what bird language can teach us. Thoughts, ideas, and stories from the audience are welcome. Refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public.

Saskia Vanderhoop is the founder and director of Sassafras Earth Education, which was established in 2005. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Saskia grew up in a little village where she grew her affection for nature and small-scale community. Ms. Vanderhoop is dedicated to mentoring children and adults in nature connection to create passionate, resilient, and caring leaders for the future.