Proud of the community


To the Editor:

The days are getting longer, and the first month of 2018 is almost a thing of the past. As the clock ticks ahead, I think of all the wonderful events that contribute to our sense of pride and joy throughout the year. I am grateful to live in Oak Bluffs.

Like many communities, there are individuals who offer up their time and energy to help make our living experience on-Island a little bit richer. A special thanks to the following; Terry McCarthy for Harborfest, Holly Alaimo for the Wind Festival, Dennis daRosa for Tivoli Day, Renee Balter for holiday celebrations, Keith Enos for showing up and doing the work, Kathleen Cowley for the Sunday Open Markets, Marc Crossland for the holiday lights.

The Barn, Bowl and Bistro has been a terrific addition to our community, and we are excited about our zoning changes to allow “top of the shop” housing! Thank you to the businesses that remain open to serve our community year-round, and to all Islanders who support them! Proud to be from M.V.! Proud to be from O.B.!

Christine Todd
Oak Bluffs Association