Opportunity knocks for change


To the Editor:

The criticism expressed by Mr. Rosenbaum’s letter to the editor is nothing new. The first Dukes County Charter Study Commission report from 1992 included the following: “The airport would be best served, in the author’s opinion, by the county commissioners carefully interviewing and then appointing the most knowledgeable, competent, interested, and experienced people they can find to head the airport and act solely in its interests.”

The second Dukes County Charter Charter Study report from 2007 repeats the call for improvement: “However, members of this sub-group can strongly suggest that the county commissioners examine their appointment process, and even consider amending the administrative code, to formally establish a future appointment process that is open, transparent, predictable, and consistent –- one in which criteria for selection will be clear and well-publicized; the application, interviewing, and selection procedures will be transparent; the same procedures and criteria will be used for all individual candidates; and Martha’s Vineyard Airport will continue to benefit from professional management, and far-sighted, experienced, and committed leadership.”

The methodology utilized by the county to solicit applicants for appointed positions is lame to the point of being disingenuous. The failure of the county to heed the above recommendations of the charter study proves the point.

The second charter study recommended a change from four- to two-year terms for county commissioners. Voters approved. The election of all county commissioners occurs this coming November. Opportunity knocks. Seize it.

Ted Stanley
West Tisbury