Help at a time of need


To the Editor:

Last night, my little dog ran into the road and was killed. The distraught driver of the vehicle stopped and ran house to house, trying to find the owner. Maureen Williams, whom I had never met before, stopped and picked up the dog, and took him to the nearest vet before I could even get out there.

Several other people helped me find where he had been taken, and expressed condolences. When I arrived at the vet, Maureen sat with me for a long time while they worked on him. Unfortunately, he did not make it. This morning, Maureen left me a beautiful plant and a hand-drawn card.

I want to express my profound thanks to Maureen, the vehicle driver whose name I did not get, Dr. Ross at Animal Health Care, and the others who helped me. The kindness and concern I was shown went above and beyond anything I could have expected. This is why I live on the Vineyard.

Hannah Beecher
West Tisbury