Show’s looking for antiques to pick through

The American Pickers team, Frank Fritz, left, and Mike Wolfe, will be coming to Massachusetts on the hunt for more rusty gold. — Courtesy Emily Chafetz

The television show “American Pickers” is coming to Massachusetts soon, and it’s looking for people who might have collections to share, according to an email from the show’s casting associate.

“Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to Massachusetts,” according to a press release. “They plan to film episodes of the hit series ‘American Pickers’ throughout your area.”

The show explores the world of antique picking on the History channel. The hosts are “on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics,” the release states. “American Pickers” is looking for leads for people with large, private collections or an accumulation of antiques that they can look through for the show.

If you’re interested, send your name, phone number, location, and a description of the collection to or call 855-OLD-RUST.



  1. I nominate the Town of Tisbury to look through for Pickers. With their outdated ideas, absent political will and dusty initiatives, they would be perfect. Truly antique thinking at it’s best

  2. Their coming here to pick thru our good stuff, make fun of it, beat us down on price and give us cash. Leaving us with the less desirable stuff where we will than look trashy not antique.

    • Seems to me this exactly the technique Vineyard landlords are using to such success, at least some elements. Offer our visitors a selection of over-priced crappy houses, beating them up on price. The locals are then left with even worse crap. Now who is looking trashy?

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