Nelson Sigelman wins outdoor writers’ award


The New England Outdoor Writers Association (NEOWA) awarded Nelson Sigelman, Island writer and former editor of The Martha’s Vineyard Times, first place in the magazine article category at its annual meeting last Saturday in Oxford.

“It’s nice to win awards to sort of collect dust on your wall,” Sigelman told the Times.

The winning story, “The Answer to Your Deer Problem,” was published in Martha’s Vineyard Magazine in October 2017. The humorous piece gives advice on how property owners may reduce deer numbers and enjoy a supply of venison: “Give hunting permission to a reliable Islander and reap the benefits of a symbiotic relationship rooted in Vineyard culture,” Sigelman wrote in the piece.

NEOWA, established in 1942, is the oldest regional outdoor writers’ nonprofit organization in America.

“It’s always gratifying to be recognized by our peers. In that sense, it’s nice to know other people enjoyed reading what I wrote. It speaks to the outdoor culture of the Island, which is fun to write about,” Sigelman said, adding that he particularly enjoys when people who don’t hunt approach him and say they like his writing: “That’s a bigger kick than winning a plaque,” he said.

Along with writing outdoor columns for Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, Sigelman is the author of “Martha’s Vineyard Outdoors: Fishing, Hunting, and Avoiding Divorce on a Small Island,” which is available at Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, Vineyard Haven.


  1. Interesting that here you publish this congratulatory article on Nelson, after he was treated so abominably by The Times, and he now writes for the competition. I guess you should have been nicer to him. Congratulations, Nelson!

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