Let’s help the environment and Post Office


To the Editor:

With the recent decision to no longer recycle at Post Offices in Vineyard Haven and Edgartown has come a wave of complaints and littering. It is time for us to take responsibility for the mail we get, and help the postal workers, who were swamped before they had the added responsibility of cleaning up our mess. If you get mail you don’t want, or don’t care to take a magazine or flyer home to read or recycle, then maybe it is time to phone (or text, or write) that company and tell them you don’t want their solicitations. Tell them it is a waste of paper and is creating excess refuse. Maybe suggest they send emails if you want to stay in touch or know about sales. Instead of blaming the Post Office or complaining, let’s take responsibility for our environment and create positive change.


Jessica Drysdale

Vineyard Haven


  1. I agree about the excess of “junk mail” that we should cancel or email the companies that our flooding our mailboxes with it.
    I also think that if they are worried about garbage being thrown in the recycle, then why don’t they set up a recycle bin that has an envelope sized opening for the occasional “junk mail”. This way a person can’t stuff a garbage bag of their lunch or dirty diapers in it (yes, they said they would get dirty diapers in the recycle bin, that’s disgusting)

  2. Jessica– I am unclear about one of your points — how is it that the postal employees were swamped before they had the added responsibility of cleaning up our mess. They had the bins before, dealing with all our “mess”– Since they have taken out the bins, and the “mess’ has been reduced by some significant percentage– why are they now overburdened ?

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