The Big Question: Limit on cars?


Should there be a limit to the number of cars on the Island?


Yes! I think there should be a limit to the number of cars on the Island.  It would take some serious planning and coordination and I’m not sure how it could possibly be implemented, but each year the summer traffic gets increasingly worse than the previous year (traffic jams, no parking spaces). Is the Steamship Authority allowed to just keep running more trips and bringing more cars over each year?  Perhaps voting residents of MV should have some say in this matter!  The SSA should have limits to how many boats they are allowed to run and/or a limit on how many non-resident autos they can bring over.  Otherwise, it will continually get less and less enjoyable for people to visit MV.  It certainly is less and less enjoyable for people who live here! Thank you for the opportunity to vent on this issue I have been thinking about for several years!

—  drbdrc



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