Cryptocurrency conference comes to the Island


A cryptocurrency conference will be held on-Island next week, moderated by Dr. Curt Cetrulo, a retired medical doctor, former professor at Tufts University, and cryptocurrency expert.

The conference will run from June 11 to June 14 at the Vineyard Arts Project in Edgartown, with a variety of speakers touching on several topics including Bitcoin and Ethereum, software wallets, mining, cypto ATMs, and the blockchain, the underlying technology used by cryptocurrencies and other applications.

Cetrulo has found success in cryptocurrency, having purchased his first Bitcoins at an event over a year ago.

A cryptocurrency ATM machine will be available at the event for people to purchase cryptocurrencies.

More Information and tickets for the event can be found online on the conference’s website,, or by contacting Cetrulo at 617-320-9962.