Fence is more than an eyesore


To the Editor:

The fence at Tradewinds is more than an eyesore, it is morally confounding. How did an activity as benign as walking your dog in a park become such a malfeasance? The quickly eroding uniqueness of Vineyard life is not going to be shored up by keeping Vineyarders off land that they have paid for to be accessed by the public.

What will happen instead is the dissolution of a community and a gathering place where people actually engage in healthy physical activity and with each other while interacting with the environment. The new trail system will not just keep people away from the field, but from even seeing the field from most of the walking paths. How will the Land Bank Commission’s environmental policy bear any real fruit in this case?

The dog park (and it IS a dog park, no matter the official designation) is situated between a commercial golf course with all of the environmental damage it produces and the Lagoon that is dying from nitrogen overload. Yet the three species, none of which are endangered, are somehow cause for such drastic action? I can think of more than a couple of Land Bank properties where there are deer-hunting stands built where lady’s slippers grow. When frequenters of the park were made aware of the real issues, they complied 95 percent of the time, and encouraged the other 5 percent to do so. What other group of people anywhere would self-govern so willingly? On Cape Cod, environmental groups found a way to work with lobstermen to try and save the nearly extinct North Atlantic right whale, yet no compromises will be made by Land Bank officials. The Land Bank’s refusal to listen to petitions or even its own advisory board seems to be motivated more by hurt feelings than careful consideration, and since most every Vineyard homeowner has compulsorily paid into the Land Bank, it smacks of taxation without representation.

Jeremy Jones
Oak Bluffs



  1. Well said! No one (until now) has mentioned the golf course next to Trade Winds and all of its detriment to our ecosystem. The fence is a ridiculous waste of our money.

  2. To Mr Jones:

    Let’s skip the worth of island ecosystems and the appeal of island living and go for the bizarre equivalence in the opinion piece. Saving assorted grasses compares to saving right whales, leaving dog walking to compare with lobster men earning a living. Please explain how dog owners earn a living walking their dog.

  3. This is an active airfield. Its NOT a dog park. Have you ever seen a dog get hit by an airplane propeller? It happened at Katama Airfield years ago when a dog ran out onto the runway. It was awful. I know you think this is a terrible infringement on your rights, but the facts are, you had your chance to comply with the rules, you all demonstrated that you couldnt, and now this is the consequence.

  4. I would be fine with the Land Bank constraints if MV as a whole was neat and tidy. It isnt. Junk, boats cars trash everywhere with signs telling us to take ”free”stuff outside of dilapidated homes. Enforce some zoning rules that mitigate eyesores first and then we will help you protect your grasses. In fact the endangered species now is someone who doesnt have a tattoo and a piercing.

  5. The island has had farm fences for along time…now they are an eyesore? I think those that complain hopefully are coming from a yard that is as nice as the land banks.

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