Walk at Tradewinds just isn’t the same


To the Editor:

This past Friday was my first time at Tradewinds Land Bank property since the fence went up. For the past 40 years, I’ve been enjoying hikes far and wide on our beautiful Island, thinking how happy I’ve been doing my part, my 2 percent contribution, to save some of these open spaces. There was no joy on Friday. The fences made me sad. The feeling of wonderful open spaces is now gone.

This Land Bank property offered one of the prettiest walks on the Vineyard. One would hope that all concerned parties would take a walk there and see if they feel the way I did. Hopefully the Land Bank and the Oak Bluffs selectmen can come up with a better solution, and to rethink their priorities, not only for this property but in regard to the future as well, and what they want the Land Bank to stand for.

Tradewinds has become a disappointing statement to the people who worked hard, and have been part of the contribution process.

Carol Jann
Vineyard Haven