Book sale was a success


To the Editor:

On behalf of the Oak Bluffs Public Library and our entire community, I would like to sincerely thank the Library Friends of Oak Bluffs for yet another successful annual book sale, which ran from July 19 to 21. The book sale is an important fundraiser for the Library Friends, but also a beacon of goodwill, where people of all ages can affordably foster their passions, interests, and curiosities.

Thanks also to the amazing volunteers who worked continuously through the week to help bring in tables, sort and set out books, and direct people to their favorite sections. I want to extend a particularly heartfelt thank-you to El Edwards for her tireless work as donations coordinator through the entire year, her leadership during the sale itself, and especially for her grit in forging ahead after a tragic flooding of our stored donated materials back in April. Thank you also to Ron Zentner and Marilyn Miller, whose organizational efforts made for an incredibly smooth (and not too slippery) book sale.

Without the Library Friends, the Oak Bluffs Public Library would not be able to host the innovative, educational programming that our patrons have come to cherish. The money raised by the Library Friends in the annual book sale is instrumental in bringing authors, performers, and local instructors to our patrons to enjoy extraordinary experiences.

Thank you to everyone who donated books, came to the book sale, supported the Library Friends, and visited the Oak Bluffs Public Library. We do this for you, but we couldn’t do it without you.


Allyson Evans Malik, library director

Oak Bluffs Public Library