Saving the Weezie


To the Editor:

Corpulent kudos to the Edgartown harbormaster’s crew for saving little Weezie from sinking in Katama Bay on Sunday, August 5.

I happened to be motoring by on my dinghy when I spotted assistant harbormasters Louise, Jackson, and Auguste desperately trying to save the sinking 22-foot powerboat Weezie. Her flooded stern had dropped dangerously below the waterline, and she was sinking fast. The harbormaster trio was busily manning several pumps that were barely keeping pace with the incoming rush of water. I offered my assistance, and a proposal was made that weight on the bow might lift the stern. I saw Louise standing there like a pea relative to my bowling-ball-size belly, and wondered if my girth could help tip the scales to save Weezie?

As soon as I hopped on the bow, Weezie, began to breathe more strongly, and buoyed our hopes that the little boat would be saved from a watery grave. Unfortunately, the water kept pouring in like it did during the sinking of the Titanic. Remember the famous scene where the starlet struck a pose on the bow? Now, imagine me slinging my big bulbous belly over the bow rail. All that Scoop Shack ice cream, Murdick’s Fudge, Candy Bazaar malted milk balls, Port Hunter fries, and Edgartown Slice of Pizza slices helped us to fulcrum the stern out of the water. Louise, Jackson, and Auguste saw their pumps starting to outpace the deluge, and in a few minutes Weezie was safely afloat.

Thank you to Charlie Blair for the excellent training of his staff, and the preparedness that saved little Weezie.

If not for the courage of the fearless crew, Louise, Jackson, and Auguste, and a little help from Edgartown eateries, the Weezie would be lost.

Paul Mellen
Duxbury and Edgartown