Stop using plastic bags


To the Editor:

I couldn’t agree more with Susan Kimball’s letter last week. It it reprehensible that the Reliable Market got away with a “hardship” clause, and is still allowed to dispense single-use plastic bags. Hardship? Huh? Have you seen how busy that store is?

I do think a 5-cent levy should be placed on the plastic bags. Hit people in the pocketbook, and they might remember to bring their multiple-use cloth bags.


Judy Kranz

Oak Bluffs


    • Maybe offer a discount for customers bringing reusable bags. Will concede they’d likely nudge up pricing during the program; worth it to eliminate the trash?

  1. Let’s make plastic grocery bags the issue! Has ANYONE looked closely at the things being purchased? So many items are packaged in plastic…the issue is much larger than what your groceries are carried in. Open your eyes!

  2. Stop and Shops new reusable plastic bags seem to be working. I see them at morning glory farm. They fold easily and dont take up any space. Too bad a German company had to come up with it.

  3. Plastic bags, plastic straws, statues, bathrooms, climate change,protecting illegals, plovers,rising oceans and polar bears. This is what the liberals care about and no one else does. Meanwhile a casino might be coming thereby stripping poor people of even more money they dont have, ”food insecurity” goes up, more foreclosures, more bad debts, more moochers and con men and more free stuff standing outside houses making MV more of a dump. Give power to liberals and common sense declines.

    • Dont forget the whales. Many are washing up on shore this year entangled in fishing gear. The idea for a spool sitting on the bottom with a timer is ingenious. I hope the discovery channel gives them a shot.

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