‘Easels on the Porch: Painting Your Inner Landscape’


On Saturday, Sept. 22, from 11 am to 1 pm, the West Tisbury library will host a painting workshop led by Jennifer Knight of Mamas Ignite. According to a press release, In this workshop, participants will visualize, embody, paint, and journal their own bodily experience of joy and delight. The benefits of this workshop include developing a soulful connection to your creative self, a lasting resource for stress relief, and a greater capacity for deep presence. This event is open to the public for ages 16-plus.

Please bring your own supplies, or purchase supplies for $20 at the event.

Required supplies:

  • 7-in. by 10-in mixed-media pad of paper (98 lbs).
  • Assorted (travel) watercolor set with brush.

Sign-up is required — please contact the library to reserve your space: 508-693-3366.

Jennifer L. Knight is a creative catalyst, life coach, and mother on a mission to nourish and inspire mothers everywhere to ignite and trust their creative inner fire; to fulfill their own needs, wants, and desires; and to birth an empowered world. Her background in teaching, health coaching, pre/postnatal Pilates, expressive arts, and motherhood enables her to incorporate a wide variety of tools to invigorate and reconnect your body, mind, and spirit.