Yes on 3


To the Editor:

Please join me in voting yes on Ballot Question 3 on Nov. 6. A yes vote preserves the protections that Massachusetts passed into law in 2016 for transgender people in public spaces like restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. These protections are needed due to the high incidence of bullying and harassment of transgender individuals, including children. Opponents to these protections claim that “men in bathrooms” will menace women and children. However, the facts do not bear these scare tactics out, and we already have laws in place that make it illegal to harass people in restrooms. That’s why the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association supports the current law.

If Ballot Question 3 is voted down, current protections will be repealed and transgender people – including children — who are just trying to live their lives with safety and dignity will be at risk. And I will be afraid when my transgender kid is in a public place, like a rest stop on the Mass Pike on their way home from college … or going to a movie … or grabbing a bite to eat with friends.

Please join me in supporting fair and equal treatment of transgender people of all ages, and vote yes on Question 3.


Sarah Kuh