In support of Laura Marshard


To the Editor:

For over 25 years, Laura Marshard has worked tirelessly for the district attorney in three separate jurisdictions, her prosecutorial record unblemished. For the past three-plus years, working out of the DA’s office in Falmouth, she has received no complaints.

There are many Vineyarders who are better off today because of the work Laura has done. On Oct. 22, 2018, the final decision on Laura Marshard’s hearing was released by the Supreme Judicial Court. Of the three alleged ethics violations she faced, she was fully exonerated on all but one, and on that one violation, DA O’Keefe saw fit to compile a significant rebuttal, including salient court transcripts.

We feel the reporting of the findings did not sufficiently take account of the compelling arguments DA O’Keefe advanced on Laura’s behalf, and has therefore left the public with an incomplete understanding of what Laura is being taken to task for. There is absolutely nothing in the findings that implies Laura had inappropriate or malicious intent. She made a mistake in speaking with a witness without his newly appointed attorney present, but her own extensive testimony, and O’Keefe’s detailed account, amply explains how that one mistake occurred. Laura Marshard has been more than punished for that mistake, both officially and unofficially in the fiesta of malicious and ill-informed commentary on the proceedings in the media. As her friends, we ask the community to look deeper at the full facts as set forward by District Attorney O’Keefe, at And if unwilling to take the time to do so, then please refrain from reckless commentary, and allow our hardworking and dedicated neighbor to put this matter behind her at last.

The following people have signed this letter: Cathlin Baker, May Baldwin, Jeanne Barron, Nathaniel Benjamin, Pamela Benjamin, Susan Bernard, Geraldine Brooks, Tom Campbell, Madeline Coutts, Ljuba Davis, Matthew Dix, Sadie Dix, Ruby Dix, Carole E.M. Echanis, Joe Echanis, Deborah Farber, Christine Ferrone, Susan Fieldsmith, Fay Fisher, Matt Fisher, Naomi Fisher, Nancy Fisher, Susan Fisher, Suzanne Fisher, David Finkelstein, Molly Finkelstein, Julie Flanders, Mort Fogel, Norma Fogel, Debbie Foshi, Ariana Garfinkel, Molly Glasgow, Iris Gold, Chris Harding, Kate Harding, Robert W. Herman, Steven Katz, Sharon Kleinberg, Elliot Kronstein, Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Kristen Kusama-Hinte, Elle Lash, Marjorie H. Lau, Linsey Lee, Sharon Loferski, Engler Avi Lev, Scott McArthur, Melissa Moore, Marsha Natalizia, Binnie Ravitch, Laura Roosevelt, Joanna Ruppel, Nancy J. Salon, Alex Salop, Kate Salop, Susan Sigel Goldsmith, Charles Silberstein, Truda Silberstein, Jennie Slossberg, Amelia Smith, Susan Spence, Vickie Thurber, Jennifer Weiland, Elizabeth Zane, and Michael Zane.


Rebecca Miller


  • This sounds like sour grapes from her friends. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel
    she overstepped her authority and was duly sanctioned. She still has her job.

  • Is this our standard for prosecutors? To receive no complaints in three years? To claim “no malicious intent”?
    Everyone makes mistakes- the problem is denying that you did anything wrong, to a judge, in court, then when getting called out on that “mistake”, blaming everyone else – first it was Liza Williamson’s “vendetta”, now it is the Moriarty attorneys’ defense of their clients.
    A prosecutor has an obligation to act in an ethical manner. Laura has continually refused to admit she made a mistake. The issue was extensively examined with Laura having a high-powered attorney representing her in the hearing. The decision that she made a “mistake” was reviewed by a single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, who agreed that Laura had abused her power as a prosecutor.
    This letter and the comments of District Attorney O’Keefe merely show that Laura and her boss are still refusing to accept responsibility and to make amends in the way that they prosecute cases, destroying lives in the process. The main casualties are poor, black, uneducated men. I agree that Laura’s actions as a prosecutor have left some people better off. Perhaps revealing more past incidents will show exactly who those people are.

    • Don’t forget – Marshard (AND COMPANY!!) ran this game on ANYONE they thought they knuckle under with it.

      I’m incensed that Marshard, after what she did, continues to ‘serve the public’.
      But, considering the way DA O’Keefe runs our local judicial circus from his (TOO) comfortable office in Barnstable, I’m not a bit surprised.

      Looking forward to O’Keefe’s inevitable election defeat, and to improvements in conditions at downtown Edgartown’s ‘poverty mill’.

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