Doctor will be tough to replace


To the Editor:

What a shame! What a shame!

Reading about a professional, caring doctor now unemployed in a letter I received from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital last week.

This past summer I received a form asking me to rank Dr. Michotek. I did, praising him highly, also leaving a footnote that if he should ever leave, it would be very difficult to fill his shoes.

We have been patients of Dr. Michotek close to two years. He is the most warm, caring doctor — seeing to all of our medical needs. It’s like we have known him all our lives.

I don’t know what’s happening at M.V. Hospital, reading different stories in the Island papers, but what I do know is something smells fishy.

Flora A. Coutinho
Emily R. Scott
West Tisbury



  1. It smells fishy because it is fishy. We seem to be experiencing a number of non disclosure issues on the island right now.

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