‘Inappropriate materials’ led to chimney fire

Reported chimney fire at Kelley House has closed off some streets in downtown Edgartown. —Rich Saltzberg

Updated Dec. 7

“Inappropriate materials” used in a fireplace and ignited were to blame for a chimney at the Kelley House in Edgartown Wednesday, Fire Chief Alex Schaeffer told The Times.

In an email, Schaeffer wrote that after interviews on location it was determined the material was drawn up the chimney and spread some ash and soot after coming into contact with an electrical fan used to assist with natural draft.

Wednesday’s fire drew a response from Edgartown fire, police, Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury and Tisbury because of the building’s construction type. The call over the emergency scanner reported a large amount of “white smoke” coming from the area. Edgartown fire chief Alex Schaeffer said about 20 Edgartown fire department responded to the call.

Members of the Edgartown fire department had to use a ladder truck to get on top of the Kelley House and check the chimney. The chimney is located close to a utility pole and transformer. Eversource was also on the scene.

After a thorough assessment, we found no cause for further action and broke down all operations,” Schaeffer wrote. “As always it’s a good day when everyone goes home healthy and with no significant property loss. We thank our surrounding communities for their continued support at these events.”

Updated with more information from the fire department. -Ed.