MVH Profile: Betsy Corsiglia, Registered/Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Courtesy Betsy Corsiglia.

How long have you been at MVH?

I’ve been at the hospital for four years.


What brought you here?

Formerly, I was a photographer. I loved the work, but I reached a point in my career where it wasn’t enough. The tipping point for me was witnessing the downward plight of a couple of family members who suffered from chronic illnesses which had a direct correlation to the kinds of foods they ate. So I changed my life, went back to school and received a masters degree in nutrition from Simmons College.


What simple diet recommendations could you give to people?

I have two things that I’m always trying to work on … skipping meals and eating on the fly; both situations set people up for making unhealthy food choices and overeating.


Mary Gross will be hosting an eight-week Healthy Eating/Weight Loss class Tuesday evenings at 6 pm beginning Jan. 8 at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. If interested, email for details.