Plunging for dollars

Brave runners take a dip at Long Point for the West Tisbury School’s new scholarship fund.


After a 5K run for the West Tisbury PTO scholarship fund, a few runners took a polar bear plunge into the cold water on New Year’s Day at Long Point Beach.

Approximately 40 runners made their way to the Atlantic from the summer entrance at Long Point, in a route that was scattered with puddles. About a dozen of them jumped into the Atlantic Ocean after their run. Erin Lambert, a member of the school’s PTO, said even though the temperature was in the mid-40s, the wind and muddy road made for a challenging course.

“We started after 10:30 am, and we had kids, older people, teachers,” Lambert said. “We raised around $1,000.” Lambert said South Mountain, the Grey Barn, and the Granary Gallery sponsored the event. “It was our first one and we put it together last minute, and it’s a testament to the M.V. Running Company that we were able to do it. They were amazing.”

The PTO’s new fund will help high school students who attended the West Tisbury School, providing scholarship money when they graduate.