The new Woods Hole shelter is finally up

A new canopy is up at the terminal in Woods Hole. - George Brennan

It didn’t arrive for Christmas and it didn’t even arrive in time for the Epiphany, but the canopy promised to keep customers out of the elements finally arrived this week at the Woods Hole terminal.

In his weekly update distributed by SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll, Woods Hole terminal project manager Bill Cloutier matter-of-factly references the new canopy. “PAQCON and Manchester Awning completed the passenger loading canopy this week,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, work on the slips hit a snag on Jan. 4 when the contractor, Jay Cashman Inc., discovered a diesel hammer had a crack in its cylinder, according to the report. “They ordered a large vibratory hammer to try and straighten the No. 8 monopile that was going in the ground at an angle,” he wrote. “On Thursday, they removed the pile from the ground and discovered that the bottom five (5) feet of the pile had deformed on an obstruction approximately 60 feet underground. Cashman will cut off the damaged portion of the pipe and reinsert the pipe to refusal; at that time, the engineers will reevaluate the lateral load capacity.”