Scots honor


The Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard hosted the annual Burns Nicht Supper on Saturday, Jan. 26, at the P.A. Club. Festivities were filled with plaid, bagpipes, and haggis as they celebrated the “life and genius of Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns.” Closer to home, the bard of Edgartown, Steve Ewing, shared this reflection with the Times.

Twas a Braw Bricht Moonlicht Nicht
By Steve Ewing

Men dressed up like ladies
women tartan sharp
Pipe major leads the haggis
made up of cheap sheep parts

Where whisky flows like water
fresh as Highland streams
The pipes they screech and holler
songs rise in Scottish dreams

In the dreary dead of winter
we toast our Rabbie Burns
The Bard of our sweet homeland
where Highland hearts return

A tiny rugged country
full of feisty stubborn folk
Where freedom rang out proudly
before this country woke

The night is bright with music
old songs lift to the skies
“Auld Lang Syne,” “Loch Lomond”
the bagpipe howls and cries

We wind down with a blessing Gaelic
in our native tongue
We praise our bonny homeland
where freedom’s bell first rung

Tho sure as Scots have scattered
around our wider world
We sing of peace for all mankind
and pray this song is heard