Our votes for transparency, civility, and childhood


To the Editor:

We, parents and coaches of MV United, have learned that MV United used our children’s participation (in any/all of the previous five seasons) to support their request to use the new high school athletic complex. This was done without our consent or consultation. And, as of this week, we now understand that the use of our kids in this manner directly impacted the consultant’s recommendation to include turf fields in the projected use numbers plans.

For reasons ranging from grave health concerns, disastrous environmental impacts,

fiscal irresponsibility, rejection of the idea that Martha’s Vineyard needs to keep up with the off-Island Joneses, denial of the appropriateness of preschoolers and elementary schoolers routinely playing at a high school complex, beliefs that the game of soccer is not the same game if played on turf, preservation of our vision of childhood covered in mud and grass,

and other reasons too vast and numerous to list: We do not support our children playing on artificial turf.

It was unfair of MV United to assume our agreement with their agenda without consulting us first.

We ask that the School Committee refuse to make a decision on this matter until reliable numbers are collected which will represent the parents who are comfortable with their children playing on artificial turf. For starters, please remove our children’s names and numbers from this list.

Also, please note this is by no means an exhaustive list of dissenting parents and caregivers. It represents only a small number for which we had email addresses on short notice, without having access to the MV United email database. These signatures, then, only provide a small-scale indication of how the leadership of MV United acted without consulting its families; this list is not representative of the scale of the problem created by their failure to adequately solicit and represent our wishes for our children and the future of soccer on the Island.


Karyn Borella

On behalf of Maxwell Borella, Tisbury; Angela Aronie, West Tisbury; Joel Aronie, Chilmark; Josh Aronie, West Tisbury; Nancy Aronie, Chilmark; Polina Asenova, West Tisbury; Rita Barbosa, Oak Bluffs; Ellen Biskis, Chilmark; Tauras Biskis,Chilmark; Nick Bologna, Aquinnah; Susie Bologna, Aquinnah; Steve Broderick, Chilmark; Chris Buehler, Edgartown; Anne Caldwell, Tisbury; Glen Caldwell, Tisbury; Tim Colon, Tisbury; Alexandra Bullen Coutts, West Tisbury; Eliot Coutts, West Tisbury; Guinevere Cramer, Oak Bluffs; Matthew Cramer, Oak Bluffs; Nicole DerManelian, Aquinnah; Alyssa Dubin, West Tisbury; Lyndsay Famariss, Tisbury; Adevalde Freitas, Oak Bluffs; Geisi Furtado, West Tisbury; Alex Gale, West Tisbury; Liz Gale, West Tisbury; Samuel Hall, West Tisbury; Ali Hedin, West Tisbury; Nina Hitchen, Oak Bluffs; Cathleen Jasper, Tisbury; Jennifer Knight, West Tisbury; Stefan Knight, West Tisbury; Kaitlyn Kurth, West Tisbury; Ryan Kurth, West Tisbury; Elle Lash, West Tisbury; Wenonah Madison, West Tisbury; Chryssa Maragos, Edgartown; Skylar Menton, Tisbury; Garry Metters, Tisbury; Chelsea Pennebaker, West Tisbury; Nevette Previd, Tisbury; Gretchen Regan, Edgartown; Matt Regan, Edgartown; Aaron Robinson, Tisbury; Mary Alice Robinson, Tisbury; Patrick Ruel, West Tisbury; Gilson da Silva, West Tisbury; Lynne Silva, Chilmark; Moira Silva, West Tisbury; Patricia Sirakovsky, Tisbury; Dardanella Slavin, Chilmark; Sean Slavin, Chilmark; Erin Slossberg, West Tisbury; Anthony Stratakos, Edgartown; Noli Taylor, Aquinnah; Josh Thomson, West Tisbury; Rebekah Thomson, West Tisbury; Elissa Turnbull, West Tisbury; Amy Upton, West Tisbury; Nick Waldman, West Tisbury; Sarah Waldman, West Tisbury; Beatrice Whiting, West Tisbury; Beth Wike, Chilmark; Chris Wike, Chilmark