Phone sham, phone scam


Edgartown Police are warning the public to be on the alert for a phone scam that cost one Islander $2,700.

Police Chief Bruce McNamee told The Times that on Saturday, an Edgartown resident received several phone calls from a person claiming to be from a computer company that had recently done computer work for the victim. The caller first claimed the company owed the victim money, before calling back and saying the victim owed the company $2,700, and payment should be made with Google Play gift cards.

The victim purchased the cards at Stop & Shop, and sent the codes to the the person claiming to be from the computer company. McNamee said the the police will most likely not be able to retrieve the money.

Stop & Shop staff warned the victim that the gift cards might be for a scam.

“It’s unfortunate it got this far,” McNamee said when the scam was reported. “No company should be calling for a refund.”

McNamee said anyone with questions should contact the police department.