James S. Combs Jr.


James S. (“Jimmy”) Combs Jr. of Edgartown died unexpectedly in the early morning hours of Dec. 14, 2017. Visiting with friends and family in Ohio, he was killed in an automobile accident as the passenger of a drunk driver, a tragic and cautionary tale, leaving his family and friends shocked, their lives shattered.

Jimmy moved from his hometown in Ohio to Edgartown in February 2011, falling in love with the island. He lived with his mom, Karen Newhart, and worked in several locations in Edgartown, including Donaroma’s, Dairy Queen and the Mailroom, meeting many of his closest friends on the Vineyard.

Jimmy was happiest surrounded by friends and family. He was a loving and caring brother, a favorite cousin, a cool nephew, a fun and loyal friend and co-worker. Most of all, he was a cherished and beloved son and grandson who placed his parents and grandparents above all others.

You knew with Jimmy “what you saw was what you got!” He loved you for who you were, without judgment. He was easygoing, fun-loving, the life of the party. He was ridiculously funny, and had an energy and smile that could capture you before he said, “Hi, I’m Jimmy.” His affable nature and beautiful soul are ours to remember with an immeasurable sadness and acute fondness.

Jimmy was a beacon whose light was tragically dimmed. His death could have been prevented. The drunk driver, who survived the accident, was one of Jimmy’s best friends. Please, if you’re reading this, remind your friends and family, and yourself, to think before you get in the car with an impaired driver.

A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, March 24, at the P.A. Club, from 1 to 4 pm. If you loved Jimmy, miss Jimmy, were fortunate enough to revel in the sheer pleasure of his company; if you laughed at his silliness when you weren’t in the mood, sang along to the radio with him, watched LeBron dunks with him; if you worked with him or he worked for you; if you were on the receiving end of Jimmy’s excellent customer service and smile, please, come and share your stories with us on Sunday. Whether you knew him well, hardly knew him, or only knew of him, come celebrate his life, his love, his laughter on the day before what would be have been his 28th birthday. It’s gonna be a lovefest, folks!