Car crash on Franklin street sends person to hospital

A car crashed into a parked vehicle at 118 Franklin Street in Vineyard Haven on Saturday night. – Teresa Kruszewski

A two-car crash sent one person to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Saturday night.

A car parked near 118 Franklin St. in Vineyard Haven was struck by a person driving. The parked car had no passengers in it.

Times contributor Teresa Kruszewski reported hearing the crash, and the continuous blaring of a car’s horn that followed. She spoke to a witness on the scene, who asked not to be identified, but told her that as soon as she heard the noise, she rushed out to the street.

“I had seen an older gentleman in the running car,” she told Kruszewski, “which rear-ended the parked car on Franklin Street.” The woman quickly ran to the vehicle, saw smoke rising from the car, and turned off the vehicle. She reported seeing that the driver had many lacerations on his head, so asked bystanders to “grab clean towels.” Neighbors, including the woman whose car was rear-ended, brought towels, and they were applied to the older gentleman’s head. She said that he began to stand up, and appeared to be “in a daze.” She and other bystanders walked him to the curb and informed him what had happened.

Kruszewski reported that the woman told her she had not seen from which direction the driver was coming, but “heard a massive bang which hit the parked vehicle and shook the [nearby] house where her parents have an apartment.”

The crash impact caused the parked car to move onto the sidewalk, and move a full parking space forward.

The driver of the car was sent to the hospital, according to Tisbury Police.

This report had additional reporting by Teresa Kruszewski.