Healing thoughts


To the Editor:

Dear M.V. community, friends, family, faces I know — names I don’t recall, musicians, dancers, fans. This is my third attempt at writing to thank everyone since the incredible benefit held in my honor back on Nov. 11, 2018. I just did not have the strength to finish writing or completing coherent thoughts. So, this is late, my apologies!

You are all amazing. You helped me through this awful sickness and helped me keep up with bills when I was too weak to work. Some donated their time, some donated their hard-earned money, others brought me meals, many sent a simple text message offering support and encouragement. I will never forget your generosity.

Today, thankfully, there is no sign of cancer, but now I need to get stronger and healthier. I look forward to playing a lot of guitar, seeing my friends, and helping others when I can!

Love to you all.

Don Groover
Oak Bluffs