Preserve our community


To the Editor:

It’s almost town meeting time. Voting time.

The new Housing Bank MV needs your support. Many of our selectmen have not supported it. We who have worked to create the Housing Bank are not certain why — its funds will come from a new source of revenue, so it takes from nothing — but we respect their opinions. They are voters too.

But this is not about them. It’s about you, the rest of the voters. It’s a grassroots effort to change our future.

It’s about people preservation, the essential companion to land preservation. The two of them, in combination, are the bedrock that bolsters the character and vitality of our rural community.

When it comes to ensuring stable housing for our families and our seniors, we are losing ground, but the Housing Bank can regain the ground we’ve lost. Wouldn’t that be something?

If you go to your town meeting and vote for the two Housing Bank MV articles, you will make a difference. It’s easy, it’s definitive, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn this tide. It’s your chance to add fuel to the fire of community preservation.

Don’t miss it. Please attend your town meeting. Please exercise your right to vote for this critical proposal at this critical moment.

John Abrams
West Tisbury