Shuffle in to vote yes


To the Editor:

I recently started thinking about the “Vineyard shuffle.” A cute little phrase we all use, sounds like a dance step. Sadly, though, it refers to housing insecurity or functional homelessness. How many kids grow up on this Island without the enduring sense of where home is? Then I thought, if we use this phrase to describe housing insecurity, what would we call food insecurity? The “Vineyard diet”? Somehow it’s just not as cute, not as catchy. However, they both describe conditions that should not be pervasive here.

So what can we do? I know what I will do, I will vote yes at town meeting to approve the articles to create and fund the Housing Bank. Is this plan perfect, have all the details been worked out? No. However, if these articles pass, we will have the opportunity to figure out the details and make this work for our towns and our Island. If we vote no? This opportunity is lost.


Deborah Wells
West Tisbury