Corrections officer terminated after gun license rejected

Dukes County Corrections Officer Jeremy Colon came before Judge McGovern on April 26 to appeal a denial of a license to carry. Judge McGovern denied the appeal later that day. On April 30, Colon was terminated from the Sheriff's Dept.

Corrections Officer Jeremy Colon has been terminated by the Dukes County Sheriff’s Department, according to Sheriff Robert Ogden.

“As of April 30, Mr. Colon was delivered by hand and by U.S. Mail a notice of termination,” Sheriff Ogden told The Times. He added that Special Sheriff James Neville notified Colon in a telephone call.

The hand delivery was an attempt, Sheriff Ogden said, as Colon was not at home or on the Island when the notice was brought to his residence.

Colon went before Judge James McGovern on April 26 during a civil session of Edgartown District Court to appeal a Class A gun license denial by the Edgartown Police Department. At the appeal, Edgartown Police Sgt. Joel DeRoche testified that his department uncovered evidence that Colon had allegedly broken his former wife’s nose and sent a curse-laden text message in violation of a restraining order.

Colon told Judge McGovern he sought the gun license because he felt like he “should be able to have the opportunity to defend [his] family just like anyone else.”

In the denial letter to Colon, Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee wrote Colon was “deemed to be an unsuitable person with regard to his application” due to police incidents in 2013 and 2014 and a protection order in 2014, and also because his application was completed “untruthfully.”

In an appeal letter, Colon wrote that he answered no to question 10 in his license application (”Are you now, or have you ever been the subject of a restraining order issued pursuant to M.G.L. 209a, or a similar order issued by another jurisdiction?”) because of “a confusion in verbiage.” In New York, he wrote, a restraining order is called a “protection order.”

Colon told Judge McGovern he and his ex-wife had a “very toxic relationship,” but nothing he was arrested for translated into a conviction. He also said that “federally,” he saw no reason why he couldn’t obtain the license.

Judge McGovern took the matter under advisement in the courtroom and denied the appeal later the same day.

Sheriff Odgen declined to comment further on Colon’s termination, describing the matter as an internal issue.


  1. So Ogden wants to clam up and refuses any further comment on “an internal matter”? Likely to avoid further embarrassment on the incompetence it points to as to why it took the diligence of the Edgartown Police to uncover what the man in charge of Dukes County House of “Correction” so ably did not.
    This brings into question the competency of Sheriff Ogden, when it now appears the Edgartown Chief of Police is better suited to the job.

  2. “Why can’t we keep quality people?”. Best of luck to Officer Colon. You got dealt dirty. Surprise, surprise!
    I will not be voting for Ogden’s reelection as Sheriff.

  3. Absolutely the correct decision!!
    Colon has every right to defend his family which shouldn’t take a Class A to do. Anger issues past or present and gun ownership don’t mix. Sorry for the loss of employment but take it as a learning lesson to NEVER punch a woman!! Congrats to EDG police and Sheriff Ogden for doing the right thing!

  4. What do you mean “thanks to Ogden for doing the right thing “? He did the wrong thing in refusing to actually do a meaningful background check on the guy in the first place. So desperate to find new staff, Ogden failed Dukes County by that poor decision.
    It took a law enforcement professional such as Edgartown chief of police to do what Ogden should have done in the first place.
    And now he is supposed to be given credit? Really?

  5. I believe I have the right to give credit to whomever I wish.
    You are correct in saying Ogden’s people should have picked it up before hiring but let’s face it things get overlooked. I’m glad Edg police picked up on it and Ogden who followed thru with the termination of this guy. So once again thank you for doing the right thing! Maybe we should find out where this person was issued. (possibly previous hometown) his FID if he had it before coming to MV? I’m an avid gun owner who is favor of more extensive background checks and I feel this was a step in that direction. So James relax and let me voice my opinion whether you agree with it or not.

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