Starting your own podcast


On Thursday, July 11, at 4 pm at the West Tisbury library, Timo Elliott, creator and host of the new “TimoNanda Talks” podcast, will teach you everything you need to know to start your very own podcast. According to a press release, this casual workshop will show you how to create a podcast using your smartphone and a couple of apps. This workshop will include information about:


  • Choosing a title for your show
  • Intro, content, and outro
  • Including background music
  • Finding the right musical transitions
  • Creating an ad and monetizing
  • Finding graphic content
  • Sharing and building an audience


Participants are asked to bring a smartphone, pen and paper, a few possible ideas (or topics you are interested in sharing), and a willingness to try something exciting and new. Signup is required. Please contact the library to reserve your space: 508-693-3366. Free and open to the public!

Timo Elliott is the creator/host of the new “TimoNanda Talks” Podcast. After hosting his own cable TV show on the local cable station and writing a blog, “50 Pounds to Passion,” Elliott realized that podcasting was the perfect in-between medium. Elliott’s podcast is a work in progress, exploring his own personal journey to spiritual and physical health, and long-term weight loss. Elliott has experience in the nonlinear digital video editing system Final Cut Pro and the music recording program Garage Band, but loves the simplicity and ease of creating a podcast by just using a few apps on his phone.