A sweet donation

From left, MVCS Executive Director Julie Fay, Lucas Bassett, Wendy Benchley, Mika Ishiguro, and Wendy Luers. — Courtesy MVCS

Two lemonade-selling philanthropists recently showed up at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (MVCS) with a Mason jar stuffed with $34 — a sweet donation for a good cause.

Mika Ishiguro and Lucas Bassett wanted to give back to the Island community they enjoy every summer. They put up a lemonade stand and began collecting money for one organization that would help people, and one organization that would help animals and nature. 

They chose MVCS and the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation as their two benevolent organizations, and offered both options to every patron.

According to Lucas, both organizations received similar amounts in donations.

Lucas said, although this is only the second lemonade stand he has ever been a part of, he once raised money with a stand in Boston alongside his cousin, to benefit white tigers and rhinos. “We mailed the money then; this was different because we got to give the money in person,” Lucas said.

According to Lucas, the amount of money the two kids raised wasn’t as significant as the cause it was benefiting.

“My mom and dad said every penny counts,” Lucas said. “First I wanted to give to sharks, because my grandmother is a shark expert, but then we had the idea of looking at local things and how to help on the Island. Mika’s granddad read us lists, and we chose one for nature and one for people. It felt really good to give them the money.”

Executive director for MVCS Julie Fay said the lemonade stand gave the kids an opportunity to participate in the local community and be recognized for their benevolent act. “The pride on their faces when they came to deliver the money was great; they were absolutely thrilled,” Fay said.

She added that the kids donated the money on their own volition: “They put the work in, it was all their idea and their initiative.” 

Branding and design coordinator for MVCS Taylor Achin said she is impressed that even though the kids are seasonal residents, they wanted to help out the place they love.