Bank roof shows it can be done


To the Editor:

I’ve heard and read so many times how Vineyard Haven is the town that doesn’t get anything done. Well hurrah, the stone bank’s tile roof is going on!

This has taken a concerted effort on the parts of many town officials, volunteers, the MVC, the William Street Historic District Commission, the Tisbury Historical Commission, concerned private citizens like Scott Tuttle, and so many more. I thank you.

Also take note: Once it has been completed, we’ll all see what a difference it makes to have done the correct job. Thank you to Associate Roofing, to Melinda Loberg, Harold Chapdelaine, and so many others.

A tiny ember got like-minded people to step beyond apathy and get involved with what was happening around us. It helped Tisbury get this done, and I for one am proud to see this landmark brought back to stand out once again on Main Street.

Dana Hodsdon
Vineyard Haven