Ann Baird is a loss to IEH


To the Editor:

The following is a letter that I sent to Wendy Brophy, who is on the board of directors of Island Elderly Housing (IEH), regarding the unfortunate firing of Ann Baird from the Villages.

I’ve been doing Meals on Wheels at the Woodside Village complex for about 14 years now, and I have gotten to know Ann very well in those years, and consequently respect her very much for her concern about what happens to and with the inhabitants of the apartments of the respective buildings. I could and did go to her often about concerns I had with my people — really the term is: with my friends — about various issues including dementia and what could be done, appetite problems, need with keeping the apartment acceptable, worries they might be having about all sorts of issues, and on and on. Ann listened carefully and thoughtfully, and inevitably dealt with the issues with care and efficiency. 

She also always went to the events and meetings that were held at the community room, and often she was the one who had arranged the event, whether health-oriented, entertainment-oriented, or any issue that would be of interest to a diverse group of people. I could go on, but I wanted to let you know how I feel about this situation, and also how many of the residents feel about what happened to Ann. Many of us are upset with what happened and how it was handled. 

I know that you’re a member of the board, and I know that you are an intelligent and creative person who has been a leader in many organizations, and that you can see this event in many different ways, and perhaps come up with a solution that would make the residents of the Villages feel that they have been listened to. While I know that you’re a member of the board, I’m not aware of who else is on the same board. I would be very grateful if you forwarded this letter, or read it to the other members, if you felt it to be a positive action in changing this unfortunate event. If you don’t wish it, that’s entirely your prerogative. Thank you for being you!

Barbara Murphy