Edgartown pays tribute to Lenny Jason


The Edgartown board of selectmen paid tribute to longtime building inspector Lenny Jason, who is set to retire this month, at the board’s meeting Tuesday.

Jason was presented with a plaque “in grateful appreciation of your 33 years of outstanding service and dedication.” Jason, who will keep his building inspector gigs in Chilmark and Aquinnah, has served in Edgartown since 1985.

A tribute video was played during the meeting that was taped at an event at the Wharf on Sunday.

“He’s a rock. When he gives you his word, he never changes his mind,” town counsel Ronald Rappaport said on the video. “A hurricane could blow through, and he will not change his mind. You could count 100 percent on Lenny’s word. That’s a wonderful thing.”

Then, he deadpanned, “He’s also extremely stubborn.”

Jason’s work ethic and fairness were praised. “People who are contractors know, the two things you don’t try to do with Lenny, is sneak something by — because if you get caught, that’s really bad — and don’t lie to him. But as long as you work with him, he’ll cooperate and be fair,” Rappaport said.

Pam Dolby, Edgartown’s retired town administrator, said she first worked with Jason when she was with the board of health, later at the zoning board of appeals, and finally as town administrator. “He’s such a kindhearted person,” she said, noting that he showed compassion for people who were going through issues in their personal lives. “That’s who Lenny is … I’ve missed him since I stopped working. I don’t see him as often as I did. We get together for lunch every now and again, but he deserves this break, and I think Reade [Milne] will do a great job, she’s worked with him long enough. He’s just a wonderful guy; that’s all I have to say.”

Both Rappaport and Dolby, as well as other town leaders, were in the audience as selectmen gave Jason his plaque Tuesday.


  1. Ummm the picture caption is correct but the verbage is not. Its Pam Dolby, not Pam Doble (twice) in the article.

  2. When I moved to the Island in 1991 I had recently earned my Construction Supervisor’s License. I was doing a small project in Chilmark and Lenny came to do the framing inspection. I was pretty green and I think he was smirking a little when he asked me if I had my license on me. I eagerly told him I would get it from the house I was staying in on the property, but told me not to bother, then carefully inspected and passed the work. He has always been such a fair minded, straight-shooting and kind guy. It has been a pleasure working with and knowing him all of these years. Thanks you!

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