Art exhibit: ‘Treasure Boxes’ by Jannette Vanderhoop

Treasure boxes by Jannette Vanderhoop. Courtesy West Tisbury library.

During the month of November, the West Tisbury library will be showing the artwork of Jannette Vanderhoop. According to a press release, this exhibit, which is on display in the upper- and lower-level display areas of the library, features treasure boxes decorated with natural materials. Each box is unique, and has a distinct theme. Vanderhoop paired the boxes with her own original poems to further tell the story of each piece. This exhibit is free and open to the public.

Jannette Vanderhoop is an accomplished and prolific artist who creates treasure boxes as well as authentic, contemporary Native American jewelry. Her modus operandi is to educate people to respect nature through art, and she produces her work as a form of environmental expression. She utilizes random parts of the natural world, including found and reconstituted materials, and there is no lack of inspiration or originality. She has mastered concepts of color, shape, and design over the course of 12 years to create a signature for her work. Vanderhoop has sold over 200 of her signature wampum necklaces to visitors and collectors from all over the world.