Jennie Lindland graduates Northeastern police academy


Islander Jennie Lindland recently graduated from the Cambridge/Northeastern Police Academy, and is now officially sworn in as an officer at Babson College.

Lindland was part of an emerging curriculum for police academies that focuses on the current problems facing officers in America. The training highlights new methods of teaching that include substance abuse and psychological and mental issues. 

“Police need to be trained to de-escalate situations, not escalate them through force,” said Julie Brewer, Lindland’s mother.

Issues of race and gender are addressed in a way that encourages respect and care toward minorities and members of the LGBTQ community, Brewer said.

Another facet of the new programming involves getting officers out into the community and refining their community relations. “These are things that defuse tension and reduce stress on these officers and the public,” Brewer said. “She’s always been the overachiever, and she has really done an incredible thing this time.”

Brewer commented on all the hard work and dedication it took for Lindland to get to this point, saying that she never doubted her daughter’s abilities. 

“She’s been through a lot to get this achievement, and I couldn’t be more proud of her,” Brewer said. 

According to Brewer, Lindland is the youngest of six siblings, and has wanted to be a police officer since she was 14 years old. “It’s always been a dream of hers, and she plans on taking it even further,” Brewer said. 

Lindland said that after her rigourous 20-week course, she feels “incredibly lucky” she was able to reach this level of achievement. The course included scenario-based learning and role play that taught students hands-on communication skills.

Lindland said she loves her position and team at Babson College, and is grateful to be part of a dedicated staff.

She thanked everyone who made her journey through the academy possible. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without everyone supporting me and reassuring me,” Lindland said.