Martha’s Vineyard Times subscriptions: Questions and answers



How do I sign up? 

It’s a three-step process

  1. Click here and fill out the form. 
  2. You’ll get a receipt via email, then an email thanking you for subscribing. That email contains a link “Click here to add your mailing address,” which (for security reasons) sends another email. 
  3. This is where you can enter your mailing address and specify if you want the print edition and digital, or just digital. You can also email us here. 

If I’m off-Island, but only want to subscribe to the digital edition, do I still have to pay $60?

No! We only charge more for off-Island subscriptions because it costs more to mail the print paper. If you do not want the print paper mailed to you off-Island, digital access is only $40.

Can I buy someone a gift subscription?

Yes! Click here, and you’ll see the “gift subscription” link. If you want to walk in to the office, we can do it here for you. 


I already subscribed, but I keep getting these silly popups on the website asking me to sign up. How do I get them to go away?

Go to, click on the round icon (lower right corner of your screen) using your email address. Click the purple arrow (right of the email field) and you’ll get a window asking you to create a password (or enter a password if you have already created one). If you forgot your password click “send a magic link” or “reset password.” After you log into the site the first time, you should no longer see those popups (your device should use “cookies” to remember this log-in). 

You may share this log-in info with family members for online access, but for security reasons we recommend not sharing it with anyone outside your immediate household.

Gift subscriptions!

There’s still time to get a gift subscription. Drop into the Times and sign up — we are open Monday until 4 pm (but closed on Tuesday). We can give you a nice Gift sub card to give to your intended / put under the trees / Mail to someone you love … You can also do it online here.

If I buy a subscription to the newspaper, will my husband be able to access The Times online at our house, or do I need to buy separate subscriptions?

You may share your log-in info with family members for online access, but for security reasons we recommend not sharing it with anyone outside your immediate household.

Will I still be able to get access to the paper at one of the local public libraries?

Yes, we are supplying libraries, senior centers and various other gathering places with newspapers and web access. 


I’ve already signed up on The Times website so that I can comment. Do I have to sign up again?

Yes- commenting is a different utility.  You’ll need to subscribe here for free access to our site after Jan. 2, 2020, or to have a print newspaper delivered. 


I’ve already signed up for The Minute. Can you just sign me up from there?

No; it’s a separate signup that invites you to add your mailing address, and lets  you enter your credit card securely on your own. 


Will The Minute still be free?



I subscribed, and got a receipt in my email, but it said my start date was the day I subscribed — Dec. 1. Does that mean my end date is next Dec.1? Isn’t The Times still free until Jan.?

Yes- your new subscription will start on Jan 2, 2020 and end on Dec. 31, 2020


What if I got one of your previous off-Island subscriptions? Can I switch to the new lower rate?

Yes! By now you should have been contacted via email, phone or print letter with your newspaper, letting you know we’ll subscribe you at the new rate, and offering you choices on how to receive any credit due. 


Last night I made an on-line subscription to the Times, but there was no place to add a mailing address for us

A You should have received a receipt via email for your subscription payment, followed by an email that has a link (It says “click here to add/update your mailing address). Clicking that will lead you to a form where you can input your mailing address. 


Why are you doing this?

We believe it’s important for readers to share in supporting a robust local newspaper. Relying solely on advertising revenue has become untenable in an age where Google, Facebook, and Craigslist are competing with small community newspapers for ad revenue. 

In addition, we’ve been looking for a way to cut down on waste. Our former mailing permit required us to print enough newspapers for every mailing address on the Island. There was no way to weed out duplicate copies, such as those that went to work and home addresses, or to filter for people who read only the the website. Now we can eliminate all the waste, and just mail to those who ask for the newspaper. 


How much will a print subscription cost?

A one-year subscription to the print newspaper delivered on-Island will be $40 (that comes down to about 77 cents a week), or $60 for off-Island delivery. Print subscriptions will get you free, unlimited access to our web content. Digital-only access is $40. The MVTimes Minute, our award winning daily e-newsletter, will remain free (sign up here:


Will this change the way my newspaper looks?

You’ll keep getting all the extensive news, community, arts, and sports coverage you’ve come to expect. You might notice a tiny change on the front page to accommodate the mailing label. 


Will the website look different?

For now, the only difference will be that visitors will be asked if they want to join the MVTimes community, and can create a login with their email address, or via Google or Facebook. In addition, we’ve created a new page ( where you can find signup forms, and more FAQs, as we get them. 


Will there be a paywall on the website? 

Yes, a metered paywall, which means that many pages and stories will remain free.


Can you explain the web “paywall”?

Starting about Jan. 2, 2020, you’ll be able to see all the “pages”  (the landing pages) — the home page, the news page, the webcam page, etc. After viewing five articles (individual stories) in a calendar month, you will be asked to subscribe (if you haven’t already subscribed to the print issue). You’ll continue to be able to click on unlimited ads, classified ads, events, real estate listings, and “sponsored” content (such as Business Page stories, Health Beat stories, Real Estate Confidential). If we have important, breaking news, ferry cancellations or road closures, these stories will also be free, and will not count toward your five-story limit. 


How much will a web subscription cost?

It’s free if you’ve subscribed to print. If you don’t want the print newspaper, the price is the same: $40 for a year. 


When do I have to do all this?

You can sign up for a print subscription starting now (at, but the papers will continue to be delivered for free to your mailbox through the Dec. 26 edition. If you want the Jan. 2, 2020, paper delivered, you’ll need to subscribe by Dec. 26. On the web, you’ll have free access until January, then the meter will start running.


What about newsstand prices?

Newspapers will be $1 on newsstands.


Where can I sign up for a subscription if I don’t have a computer?

You can come into our office at 30 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, or call us at 508-693-6110, and we can do it all for you. We take checks, cash, or credit cards. 


How do I pay for my subscription online?

You can look for the ads on our website, or hit the “Subscribe” button, or go to the page. When you get there, you’ll have the option to choose the “tier” you want (on- or off-Island delivery), and will be prompted to enter a credit card. You’ll also be able to confirm whether you want both print delivery and web access, or just web access. You’ll get an email and fill in your mailing address. Please note that the email will be from, and you may need to look in your spam folder for it. 


If you’d rather give us cash, or a check, you can come into the office at 30 Beach Road, V.H.,, or look for the mailers/envelopes in upcoming newspapers. 


What if I’m having issues with my subscription?

Just email us at, or call us at 508-693-6110. Please check your spam folder if you don’t get a response to an email from mvtsubscriptions.


What if I’m here part of the year and gone the rest, or some of the rest?

Your Post Office in either port — on-Island/off-Island — will forward your subscription to wherever you’re headed; they will do that for free for six months. If you have a complicated situation, just let us know, and we’ll try to work it out. Email us at


Can I sponsor a group gift subscription?

Yes! Please be in touch about these options:


What if I’d like to contribute in a bigger way to making my community newspaper sustainable? 

We’d love to talk. Please email us at



  1. will there be any kind of fund to help subsidize lower income people ?
    I know that $40 a year sounds reasonable, But are plenty of people who have a minimum wage job ( $12 an hour in Ma.) and are “food insecure”. I wonder when they will have a week to spare over 4 hours of their labor to pay for this. Forty dollars can buy a few days worth of groceries . And the trump regime is about to cut federally funded nutrition programs.

    • There are opportunities to gift a subscription. In fact, I’ll pledge to give one if you hear of someone in that situation.

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