Christmas morning incident musters first responders, tactical team

West Tisbury Police say the woman who offered a ride to juveniles was acting as a good samaritan. – Rich Saltzberg

Early Christmas morning, West Tisbury Police, the Martha’s Vineyard Tactical Response Team, and a slew of Vineyard first responders answered a report about alleged shootings in West Tisbury that included a hostage situation. However, it turned out no one had been shot, and after “a brief negotiation,” an individual was “peacefully transported” to the hospital for evaluation, according to West Tisbury Police Chief Matt Mincone. 

The situation was reported at 3:10 am. Police and first responders learned an individual “was locked in a room,” Chief Mincone said. “Other house occupants were escorted from the house until all was safe.” 

In the end, there were no weapons found, and no one was injured, Chief Mincone said. Sheriff’s dispatchers played a “significant role” in the outcome, he said. In addition to West Tisbury Police and the tactical team, West Tisbury firefighters, Tri-Town Ambulance staff, and on-duty police officers from Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, and Tisbury responded. 


  1. If the island’s various police departments be so coordinated to respond to such a sensitive, potentially dangerous situation, what are the arguments against other functions being consolidated, REGIONALIZED?

    • Because the good departments aren’t interested in ‘inheriting’ the ‘lifer’ employees in the not-so-good departments. Since we can’t even agree on how to run the regional high school, imagine how it will be when the local political hacks from the ‘not-so-good’ departments try to wedge their way into and micro-manage a regional dept. NO THANKS!

  2. Well they have a new tank-r/v for their deployments, wonder what else they use it for? Don’t come knockin if the tank is rock in’ at least in chilmark… or maybe it’s a mobile keg on wheels.

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