Edgartown receives $26,000 MassWildlife grant


The town of Edgartown recently received a grant from the MassWildlife Habitat Management fund for $25,889. The overall grant for $341,396 will fund 12 other habitat improvement projects across Massachusetts as well.

According to a press release from MassWildlife, the newest land steward for the Nature Conservancy (TNC) of the Cape and Islands, Mike Whittemore, will begin restoration and expansion of the sandplain grasslands in Katama. The approximately 250 acres of protected habitat are becoming more scarce in the Northeast, and TNC wants to protect the rare and unique flora and fauna that exist in that ecosystem. 

Spokesperson for TNC James Miller told The Times that Whittemore is the perfect person to take on the monumental task of preserving some of Martha’s Vineyard’s most important natural landscapes.

“He [Whittemore] is incredibly dedicated to his work, and has already been a major asset to TNC,” Miller said. “He is excited to continue his work on the Island.”

Much of the work will take place at town-owned Katama Airfield, where TNC manages habitat under a conservation restriction. Restoration will also take place on TNC-owned land, and land owned and managed by the town of Edgartown.