The Big Question: MVRHS field project


Should the MVRHS field project be exempt from Oak Bluffs zoning?



  1. I’m curious as to what this particular empty post in the newspaper is for?? Do you regularly put questions to the public with no background info or stats? Posing this to people with zero knowledge of the subject matter is irresponsible. OB planning board does not have ANY president to oversee this project. It’s not legally in their right. So it doesn’t matter wether you or anyone thinks they should or shouldn’t, that’s the law

      • Yes, you have written extensively on the topic but did not answer the question the previous writer posed. What is the point of the question? You know the answer to the question. It appears this is only to stir the proverbial pot and get reactions. It has been referred as it was supposed to be and the OBPB will hold public hearings and people will comment on items that OBPB will not have jurisdiction over. You will again report on a topic that will not matter since the referral has already been made. What is the end game with your question? Discord? Anger? Outrage? Divide people? Deny kids the facility?

  2. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why a newspaper would post an empty ended question with zero background info???

  3. Legally, by way of legality. That’s the answer to your open ended gaslighting question. The zoning board does NOT have authority

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