West Tisbury man faces charges for shooting deer on road

Police seize firearms, license to carry.


A 36-year-old West Tisbury man is facing charges for shooting a wounded deer on Barnes Road in Edgartown.

On Feb. 29, police were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving a deer on Barnes Road in Edgartown at 7:30 pm.

After hitting the deer, Liana Cajado called her husband Rafael Louback at home and asked him to help her, according to a police report. Upon arriving, Louback allegedly found the deer “flailing around” and shot the deer in the head with a Ruger 9mm pistol after “numerous unsuccessful attempts” to move the deer off the road.

“The animal was injured in the middle of the road and he shot it,” Police Chief Bruce McNamee told The Times.

Louback was “forthcoming and cooperative” and “was apologetic, and seemed as though he was familiar with the firearm laws,” according to the report. 

Police then requested and were granted permission from Louback to retrieve his firearm from the center console of his vehicle.

After seizing Louback’s pistol and license to carry, Edgartown police contacted West Tisbury police who went to Louback’s residence and retrieved other firearms at his home.

West Tisbury police Lt. Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter confirmed Louback’s other firearms were taken by the police until the charges are resolved.

“We did take them because Edgartown is charging him,” Manter said.

Police are seeking charges against Louback of discharging a firearm within 150 feet of the roadway, hunting without a license, hunting at night, and hunting out of season.

The case will be scheduled for a clerk magistrate’s hearing.

Massachusetts Environmental Police Sgt. Scott Opie, who provided guidance with how to charge Louback, told The Times in a phone conversation Monday that he couldn’t comment on the case, but said if someone hits a deer with their vehicle they should contact their local authorities.


  1. I don’t know Mr. Louback, but, it sure as heck doesn’t seem like he was hunting! Sounds like a bunch of gestapo overcharging stupidity on the part of local constabulary. Maybe Mr. Louback should have called the police to put the deer down and waited twenty minutes watching the animal suffer in the roadway, or maybe just a little bit of common sense could prevail here and we could save the court some time for the raving lunatic dispensing tide pods throughout local businesses. Furthermore why take all the mans firearms? Is he a continued threat to injured deer everywhere!
    Nothing to do here on the vineyard in March other than put up some ridiculous charges. COMMON SENSE PLEASE!

  2. Doesnt appear he was hunting at all but simply putting a deer out of its misery. Appears he had gun license. One can argue whether he can shoot within 150 ft of road but this is a technicality since a wounded deer could be injurious to someone else. I hope charges are dropped.

  3. This one should have universal agreement regardless of party line or your feelings about guns. This is why responsible citizens should have guns.
    Would Andy Griffith charge this man ? No way.
    Would Barney Fife ? You bet cha’

  4. Since I would never write a defamatory remark about our fine MV law enforcement community, let me say instead the thinking that went into charging this man for shooting this suffering deer, is consistent with idiocy.

  5. And the lunacy just keeps on getting worse and worse- i thought this new guy Scott had some smarts-evidently not.

    • Al wouldn’t take his case – he is not guilty, he is not an immoral creep, and it would not give Al any headlines.

  6. This is outragious and appalling. Im disgusted… this man had good intentions and handled a dangerous and traumatic and dramatic situation very well. He acted in a timely and decisive manner and came to the rescue of his wife. He humanly and quickly and safely ended the suffering of the deer. I too am concerned about Sgt Opies over reaction very concerned. He should have wisdom and decernment, this man is not a criminal and did the best he could in a difficult situation and all charges should be dropped and guns returned to this man. Whats next? Children catching and keeping herring at the herring run being arrested? I also wonder if a white woman Pastor would have been treated the same way…..

  7. Can we inquire as to how the responding police officer would have responded to the injured animal?

  8. just to be fair and open-minded here… do any of us know the laws regarding the discharging of a firearm by a non-law-enforcement person in public spaces ? I suspect it’s illegal and the officers involved were doing their jobs and obeying the law.

  9. gutsy. In the face of an emergency, there are certain laws that need to be disregarded. I am sure you would try to grab a child in a pedestrian crossing if the light were red. Common sense dictated the deer be shot. Can you not see that?

  10. Andrew, I’m in the business of healthcare. I take the suffering of any living creature seriously. Frankly, I’m not a fan of even hunting deer but I recognize the need to do so. I’m also required to pay vigilant attention to risk management. I’m certain this gentleman was in full control of his weapon and I did not suggest that I supported his arrest; perhaps a fine would be more appropriate. But I assume the law is in the books for a reason. I’m fairly certain that god-for-bid your child or grandchild were to have been hit by a stray bullet or ricochet you’d have a different perspective. Common sense dictated that a call be made to law enforcement to euthanize the animal.

  11. Rules are rules. If you can not be trusted to follow the laws governing use of firearms, it is only reasonable to take those deadly weapons away. While his intentions were obviously good, he still broke the law. Do the crime, do the time.

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