Photo challenge for MVRHS students


Chris Baer, art, design, and technology chair at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, has posted a challenge to his photography students: Document your lives right now with your cell phone or camera. 

“You are living through a unique, historical time,” Baer wrote to his students. “You will always remember where you were and what you did during the spring of 2020.”

He encourages students to capture what they are doing, how their families are spending time — even the mundane, seemingly boring aspects. “Photograph the boredom, or the worry, or the chores, or the hobbies. Photograph your cleaning supplies, your trips to the grocery store, your weird stockpiles, your board games, your Netflix binges, your video game tournament, your walks in the woods.” 

Students will share their photos via Google classroom, and The MV Times plans to publish the results in upcoming issues.

For more information, email Chris Baer at cbaer@mvr