Whitman man charged with indecent exposure


A Whitman man is being charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after police allegedly found him passed out next to the entrance of the Summercamp Hotel.

According to a police report, Oak Bluffs Police officers found John Canty, 48, “passed out and naked from the waist down, laying on a couch directly next to the entrance to the hotel.”

Officers made multiple attempts to wake Canty. When he woke up, the report states, Canty was “clearly intoxicated, bloodshot, and glassy eyes, and extremely slow and lethargic,” and his “underwear was lodged in between the cushion and back support of the couch, his plaid shorts were next to his head.”

According to the report, two teenage girls had to be guided by officers so as “to not see Canty in his nude state.”

Due to his level of intoxication, police led Canty to their cruiser to be transported to the Dukes County jail.

Canty pleaded not guilty, and was released on personal recognizance.


    • He’s a Level 3 sex offender with multiple indecent exposure arrests spanning back more than a decade. Google knows all, and his pic is available on line with an easy search.

  1. The ” You just can’t make this stuff up” made me smile. Classic line Don Imus used to say.

      • Glenna, right you are. Just imagine the responses The I Man would have to this report. And, insofar as guiding the “teenage girls” so as not to see him in his nude state, ha ha ha ha …..

  2. Google shows not only his photos but an extensive criminal record including stealing guns, and various sex offences: “According to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, Canty has five convictions for open and gross [sexual] behavior since 1990 in Massachusetts.
    The board classifies sex offenders by three levels. A Level 3 sex offender is considered by the state to be most likely to commit sex crimes again.”
    So my question is, why is “a Level 3 sex offender with a history of convictions for sex crimes – guilty of accosting persons of the opposite sex” and therefore putting women and girls in danger on the public streets “released on personal recognizance”?

  3. “..two teenage girls had to be guided so as not to see Canty in his nude state.” Really? It’s a naked man, not a bloody murder scene. Besides, if he was as intoxicated as it sounds, there likely wasn’t much for them to see, anyway.

    • According to the police report, there was plenty to see. Let’s just say as a community newspaper we made a decision that we would not go with the degree of detail.

  4. A quick Google search of this guy reveals that this pales in comparison to some of his prior bad acts…

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