Girl helps locate motorist behind minor crash


Nina Nelson, 11, helped Chilmark Police find a motorist who allegedly backed into a parked car at the Chilmark Store and left the scene. 

Nina was with her mother, Claudia, and sister, Sophia, on a visit to see Nina’s other sister, Noelle, who works at the Chilmark Store.

While in the parking lot, they saw somebody in a BMW back into another car. The BMW driver, despite Claudia calling out to her, left the scene. “She just didn’t stop,” Claudia said. “It was amazing.”

Nina committed the BMW license plate to memory, a New York plate, she told The Times. Meanwhile, her sister Noelle rang Chilmark Police. When Officer Noah Stobie arrived, Nina was able to relay the license plate to him. The police were then able to track down the motorist, Claudia said. “They said, ‘Good job,’” Nina said.

“She was so pumped for the rest of the day,” Claudia said. 

Chilmark Police expect to have a report ready soon on the incident, according to Chilmark Police Chief Jonathan Klaren, who confirmed Noelle called in the incident. However, Nina isn’t mentioned as a witness in the draft report thus far, he noted, though her mother is.