Leslie’s Pharmacy looks for buyer

Leslie's Pharmacy is looking for a buyer. - Rich Saltzberg

Leslie’s Pharmacy is looking for a buyer to keep the Vineyard Haven pharmacy open and operating.

After announcing the decision to close the pharmacy last month, manager David Holmberg is letting people know that he and his father Warren will stick around if the pharmacy comes under new ownership. 

“It is not a rumor; we will be closing our doors on Dec. 31. That is, if we don’t find a buyer to sell the pharmacy to. That would allow us to continue as the pharmacy you love, just under new ownership. Don’t worry, you’ll still see my father’s face up in the pharmacy if that happens. He is not retiring; he can’t afford to retire,” Holmberg wrote in a Facebook post.

Holmberg is also actively pursuing a sale of the business, and asked the community to bear with them. In an email to The Times, Holmberg thanked the pharmacy’s dedicated customers, and asked for them to bear with the firm during this time.

“I have a lot of hope and feel good about the potential of a buyer that will keep us going,” Holmberg wrote. “This world is filled with stress and anxiety, this shouldn’t be added on top of that. Not yet, at least. I’m not giving up until I know there is nothing left I can do to keep that door open to our community,”