Say their names


To the Editor:

Thank you, Dana Nunes, Sterling Bishop, Abigail McGrath, Aquinnah Hill, Malik Johnson, Maggie Riseborough, Isadora Brito, Dhakir Warren, India Rose, Lauryn Bond, Suesan Stovall, Anna Della, Lisette Williams, and Chip Coblyn, for sharing your stories about living while Black on Martha’s Vineyard.

Kudos to Kyra Steck, George Brennan, Jamie Kageleiry, Peter and Barbara Oberfest, and the rest of The MV Times staff for imagining and producing Voices on Racism.

Thanks also to Holmes Hole Builders, South Mountain Co., John Abrams and Kim Angell, Victoria Riskin and David W. Rintels, Island Housing Trust, Island Grown Initiative, Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum for sponsoring the must-read special section in last week’s MV Times.


Whit Griswold
West Tisbury